Mental Health Awareness

Having bipolar is difficult enough as it is and sometimes people that struggle with mental health issues find it difficult to do the simplest of thing’s like day-to-day chores. One thing that helps me is a checklist. I listen to meditation to start my day off with positive energy and vibration. Taking my medication as prescribed is a must!
Make a list of things to do for the day or for me… I do my list most times the night before that way it helps me sleep because if I go to sleep without my checklist my mind starts racing and all night I don’t sleep and don’t sleep then boom have insomnia which often leads to a manic episode up all night shopping and cleaning. Another thing that helps me during my struggles with bipolar is to have some sort of routine or help with organization or simple things that might cause a panic attack even something small like grocery shopping and errands. My husband Jason and I order from FabFitFun since I’m quite overwhelmed right now due to the fact that my book called Wired Wrong will be released next month. My book is based on a true story of growing up with mental health issues including bipolar, borderline personality disorder, anxiety and dissociative fuge. I am also building several social media platforms and a podcast/vlog for anyone with mental health issues, depression, anxiety or anything else to reach and discuss with me❤️ We are in this together and know your not alone! #WiredWrong #mentalhealthawareness #bipolar #fashion #beauty
As someone who suffers from mental disability it is extremely difficult to think about things ahead of time but it’s different when I’m working on my productions than with my day-to-day routine interestingly enough because I do put my heart and soul, every thought and energy into my productions but when it comes to doing things like simply paying the bills on time and organizing my own shit,going to the grocery store or running errands I find it so tedious it causes me anxiety.
This is why I love FabFitFun! I’m an annual member and have been for many years now and love it! The add ons rock!!! I choose products for myself , hubby and pick gifts for my family and friends ❤️
The customizations are brilliant and easy. Just click your box choices which are filled with full size top of line trending beauty and fashion products and Voila!

Soon it’s delivered to your door and you didn’t even have to leave the house! FFF offers excellent customer service and are always very helpful.

The candles are always amazing, the Spongelle scrubs, exfoliate , smell delicious and are bomb. One thing I do is when I find a product that has a fabulous price and it’s available in the refills is I subscribe immediately when refills open. One of my favorite refills is the glycolic cleanser from M.A.D Skincare and I’m addicted ti the Rodial Pink Diamond instant lifting serum it really works!

I am obsessed with the 7 in 1 LED Light Therapy Mask from Dermalactives so much I got some friends to join for the amazing deals and now they are waiting for theirs to arrive. I have been using it three times a week on both my hubby and myself for a few weeks now and my skin looks the best it ever has. I absolutely love FFF products and I’ve been a member since the beginning. Every time I get a box delivered and I open it and I feel likes it’s Christmas. Lol

One thing I do if I like a product like the Becca illumination cream Ignite… (it’s amazing literally only one drop in your face moisturizer and skin has this beautiful glow. I also use it in my body moisturizer and everyone has been stopping me asking me about what products I use on my skin.) So being so obsessed with it I researched the product which is no longer available online anywhere so I ordered as many as I could through FFF. I was going to gift two of them to my closet girlies but I’m too selfish with this one and I kept them all to get me through the summer with the perfect radiant skin glow. Love, love , love

I’d love to hear your feedback and experience with FFF. This is a must join for any one and especially if your time is valuable then let FabFitFun do the work for you!

FabFitFun Ad on
Perfect skin thanks to Perricone MD and my new Dermalactives LED Face mask
My favorite setting is the white LED light for an intensive skin treatment

I’d love to share my link so that you can get $10.00 off your first box❤️

Jeanie Walsh
#wiredwrong #FFF #beauty #bipolar #mentalhealthawareness #FabFitFun #Perricone #skincare

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