Sample Sale at Men’s Wearhouse Corporate Office

Last Day: Stock Up at the Sample Sale
Don’t miss the Willie Lopez emergency assistance fund sample sale on May 19th from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The fund will be hosting a blowout sale of Bio samples from Men’s Wearhouse, Joseph A bank and Joseph Abboud.
Joseph A. Bank employees are invited to join in on the sale along with local retail buyers and personal shoppers at the corporate office which is located at 6100 Stevenson Boulevard Fremont California 94538. There’s a wide selection of merchandise with amazing prices on suits, shirts, jackets, pants, shoes, socks, ties and accessories and it all is supporting a great cause. 100% of the proceeds from the sample sale go directly to the Willie Lopez fund.
“The Willie Lopez Emergency Assistance Fund is a nonprofit organization supported solely by Tailored Brands employees who donate money to help their fellow coworkers who are in financial emergencies caused by unforeseen and catastrophic situations. The Fund was started in honor of Willie Lopez, a highly regarded District Manager, who died unexpectedly leaving his wife and four young children in a desperate financial situation. Since supporting the Lopez family in 1997 the Willie Lopez Fund has provided nearly $7 million worth of assistance to thousands of grant recipients. We have no way of knowing what difficulties our employees covered by the Fund will encounter from year to year. Despite the uncertainties of life you can make a difference today by providing comfort, hope, and support to those who need it most.”
Tuesday was the first day of the sample sale and there was a nice selection to choose from although there was no 44 regulars or longs. The 42 regulars and longs were far and few but there were some available if you searched well. I am just giving the heads up for those of you who plan on attending the event today. As far as the rest of the selection there were tons of 40 regulars and 40 longs along with other various sizes. The casual wear was plentiful in a range of sizes and styles including shirts, shorts, pants. There was pretty much everything a man would need to freshen up his wardrobe at this sale minus shoes. Unfortunately there were very few shoes and only available in small sizes. The good news is replenishment shipment comes in each day of the sale.
So with Father’s Day just around the corner I thought this was the perfect opportunity to help my dad jazz up his wardrobe for the spring and summer. I thought I might be able to add a little excitement and spice to his closet and I ended up scoring three new Blazers,image
three beautiful and well crafted Joseph Abboud shirts. Joseph Abboud tailored clothing is made in America by dedicated and skilled craftsmen at the Joseph Abboud Manufacturing Corp. in New Bedford, MA.
“As a designer, entrepreneur and industry change agent, Joseph Abboud is an outstanding choice for this year’s Person of the Year,” said Rick Helfenbein, President and CEO of AAFA. “From his early beginnings to his recent return to the runway, Joseph has championed American style and artisanship, and we’re proud to have him represent our industry.”
Joseph Abboud, Chief Creative Director of Tailored Brands Inc., has been named 2016 Person of the Year by theĀ American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA). The award will be presented to Abboud at the 38th Annual American Image Awards in New York City on Tuesday, May 24th.”-PR Newswire

I spent under $160 and walked out with all that plus a new executive collection suit in black. image
The fact that the editorial calendar is 6 months ahead for the fashion cycle there was quite an array of trendy merchandise to choose from including many pieces from the 2016 collections. These pieces are often from the most recent collections and are used for editorial marketing campaigns for advertising and building brand loyalty. The sample sale merchandise was assorted with fresh current pieces. I also spotted some sleek Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein Suits.
Although it was a bit chaotic the checkout process was smooth and there were a few veteran workers from the stores helping buyers with their selections. The small room was lined with tables against the walls topped with shirts semi sized and laid out. Underneath the tables boxes were filled to the brim with shirts, shorts, jeans and slacks. If you are searching for ties for your client then hit this fund raiser for certain. Massive amounts of them in trending styles and only $5.
As invitees attended the event they walked out with handfuls of new wardrobe for the spring and summer. I spent approximately 2 hours shopping there scavenging through trying to find the right sizes. During the checkout process I was informed that this was the first time ever that the sales associates were invited to attend the sample sale so I thought I’d give a shout out and share my experience with everyone else.
Jos. A. Bank employees with any questions please reach out to Vaughn Klebig.

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