Top Fall Skincare

Fall Favorite Skincare

I am a young 51 year old woman who takes great care of my skin. I tried four new skincare products to compare for my fall regimen.

For cleanser I compared Two :

First was Body Firm by Crepe Erase refining Facial Srub. I hope love the scrub…it’s like a mini microdermabrasion session. $44.00

The second one is M.A.D Ati-Aging Glycolic Age Diffusing Cleanser. This facial wash is so fabulous. This is new favorite go to as far as Facial cleanser. You can instantly feel how clean your skin is! I got mine in the Fall #FabFitFun box!

Next part of the skincare routine is for body and face.

The absolute best body hydrating cream and wrinkle remover is from Crepe Erase! I’m hooked on this body cream .Crepe Erase Advanced Body Treatment System features a two-step body duo: Body Smoothing Pre-Treatment and Advanced Body Repair Treatment

My first skincare lifting serum that I tested was Diamond Serum and it’s also from the #FabFitFun box

Retail Price $135

“This powerful cocktail of vitamin C and chromabright™ technology helps even the skin tone and brightens the complexion.”

• Contains diamond powder

• Promotes a smooth and radiant complexion

• Works to reduce imperfections and brighten the skin

• Female Founded

The next is the eye creams and facial moisturizer from Crepe Erase

Works fast, visibly smoothing the skin in just 60 seconds with long-lasting results.
Offers both immediate smoothing action and long-term benefits

Third was Potent Lift

Potent Instant Lift Serum

The PotentLift instant face and neck lift, with its effective ingredients, can be applied before important meetings and gatherings so that you would look younger and succulent. You can look at your wrinkle-free face in the mirror after just 60 seconds!
The PotentLift fast face and neck lift serum allows you to lift your face and look better than ever before, without undergoing any surgery or using any medicine

On Sale now for $149.95

My favorite facial skincare is Perricone MD

The introductory kit comes with everything you need for smooth and refreshed looking skin. I saw results within the first week of using these products. The trial is only $59.95 and worth every penny.

By Jeanie Walsh

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