Pulling a Ruby Rose

Undercuts, side cuts and pixie cuts are where you might want to begin to search for the right look to transform your style this year. These fast rolling hair trends can be seen on top music performers like Miley Cyrus and Pink. Yet celebrities alike have jumped on board wearing the sexy look including Scarlett Johansson and even the stunning Jennifer Lawrence. photogrid_1479757819255.png I forewarn you ladies though pulling a Ruby Rose is addictive. Now that I have a short style with a side shave I want more next up I am going for a pixie cut.

Image: Bambi Cantrell

My suggestion is to start gradually so you don’t go into shock when you beginning to transform to your new ultra-short chic hairstyle.  Check out social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram and search for inspirational images to show your stylist how you want to update and modernize your hairstyle. Go gradual if you’re a bit of a puss…avoiding beauty shock. Change and manifestation is good and I was ready for a new start, so what better way to enter the next life phase than with a new look. Voila! A few cocktails later and I was letting a friend buzz my hair off. I just closed my eyes and then it was done.

For a side cut you have to own it and be confident with your new look. Be prepared for bi-weekly up keep to avoid feeling like a chia pet. Good news is most franchise places like Fantastic Sam’s can keep up your side shave/under cut at a fraction of the cost of a more upscale salon.

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