Di Blasi Cosmetics: A Visual & Sensory Experience

Di Blasi natural skin care products have all the characteristics of a Made in Italy product, from the quality of the ingredients to attention to the detail in beauty of the product itself.  I am in love with the skin care samples that were sent to me from Di Blasi Cosmetics of Italy.

DiBlasi1Tatiana Puglisi, the founder of the Italian based company sent my fabulous and luxurious skin care products to the east coast just before fashion week and I’ve been using them daily since.  Di Blasi combines the simplicity of raw Sicilian ingredients with elegant packaging. Everything from the formula to the external packaging is produced in Sicily, which allows the founder to follow every phase of the production very carefully. Di Blasi products represent traditions of the area and certain raw materials that are not found anywhere else. In this way she can satisfy even the most demanding customers who are looking for style combined with safe and effective beauty products.12094840_890523127697392_7445945352661018584_o (1) In fact, Tatiana desired to create a product that offered consumers more than the usual throwaway packaging and which had an overall value, with sustainable packaging. The result is cosmetic with exceptional, long-lasting intrinsic quality that is also delightful to look at. After months of evaluating different materials to find the most appropriate with which to create an elegant, light, useful object, the choice fell on white terracotta. More refined than classic terracotta, it is hand molded by skilled artisans and then given the finishing touch of a transparent, shiny, protective coating. The results were a stylish, artistic and long lasting external packaging that pairs perfectly with the exceptional skin car products.

When I first opened the carefully packaged box…

Di Blasi Cosmetics Di Blasi Cosmetics

I got a whiff of the delightful Bergamot scented homemade potpourri which lay on the bottom of the ocean blue tissue paper  that the beautifully styled packaged products were wrapped up in.

Image: Stacy Murphy Photography

The skin care line arrived just short of a week prior to my arrival to New York Fashion Week(NYFW). The Prickly Pear light weight non greasy moisturizer has a lovely fresh smell to it and it absorbs quickly into your skin leaving you with smooth and nourished skin. The moisturizer hydrated my dry overtired skin leaving a radiant glow that didn’t go unnoticed during the fast pace realm of the fantastical world of fashion. To achieve the aim of a high-quality product, raw Sicilian ingredients have been used, such as Etna Prickly Pear, Manna and Etna Lava Stone. They are worked manually in the laboratory to prevent any changes to their characteristics. The result is a natural product, which contains no harmful ingredients and is pleasantly scented with hypoallergenic fragrances.

The Olive Oil Handmade Soap with Etna Lava Stone leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. It’s perfect to use whenever you want some luxury for your body. “It exfoliates and re-mineralizes your skin gently while its ravishing fragrance of Broom embraces you. This fragrance and the Etna Lava Stone will transport you to a sunny summer in Sicil”

Me Cantrell Portrait Design Studio in Benicia, CA. Dress: Kinsley James Model: Jeanie Walsh
wpid-wp-1442789804131.jpeg Image: Stacy Murphy Photography, Beauty Trends at the SS16 Karigam Show: Radiant Skin

One minute I’m covering trends at NYFW  two days later I was at Cantrell Portrait Design Studio in Benicia, CA.  I was working as the production assistant, stylist and at moments the test model for Photographer Bambi Cantrell. I was not makeup ready or prepared to model the night before the cover shoot. Even without the makeup team on set for the test run my skin looked fresh and radiant from using the Prickly Pear and Manna cream for only a week! We were prepping for the cover shoot for Today’s Bride Magazine SF which comes out in January. I had the dreamy experience of modeling in the gorgeous $11,000 Kinsley James Wedding Gown shown above. Bambi and I tested the lighting, backdrops and dresses….Oh My!!! If I were in the market to get married this would be one of my choices for dresses. It was simply stunning!

Living in the fast pace business in which I belong to its crucial my skin looks amazing at the drop of a dime. My new favorite go-to cream is the Prickly Pear and Manna from Di Blasi!

Behind Di Blasi Cosmetics is its founder, Tatiana Puglisi. She unwittingly laid the foundations of the brand in 2009, while her mother was undergoing treatment for cancer which thankfully was effective. Di Blasi is in fact the mother’s maiden name.

This traumatic event, which left its mark on her while she was studying at university, revolutionized her relationship first to food and then to cosmetics. As she wanted to understand what caused such diseases and the possibility of preventing them, she began an in-depth study into problems connected with diet and cosmetics ingredients. The company ships worldwide and it’s free for orders over $70. For more information about Di Blasi Cosmetics or to order products check out their website and fall in love with this Italian based skin care line like I did. Enjoy!!!

Thank you Tatiana for introducing me to my new skincare fixation!

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