For my final thesis project I chose to collaborate once again with world-renowned photographer Bambi Cantrell and an amazing team of artist, a few whom I have worked with on prior projects. The concept evolved as we went along with a tweak here and a tweak there. My intent with this particular shoot was to show a range in style for beauty and hair including a fresh-faced look and finishing off with body paint and a one of kind gown made from cellophane that was created directly on the model.

Attending Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and having the opportunity to report on the backstage hair and beauty trends exposed me to whole different side of the fashion industry that I now know I must be part of.

It felt as if time were moving in fast pace while I was in New York. It was here then gone so quickly. It opened my eyes to the possibilities and opportunities that journalism has to offer as a career choice.

“Bound to Fashion” is a reflection of how each of us are tied to fashion. Whether we are dressing accordingly for the businesses that we work at or just fulfilling our daily desires/personal preferences fashion is always involved and ever evolving. Fashion can be defined in many ways and created through endless means. Fashion is a true art created by the unique for the mass.

My focus for the editorial spread was to show some of the beauty trends for fall 2015 while being resourceful and utilizing my own personal dresses from Cache the private label store that is closing this week. I began my career in the fashion industry working eight years for the brand and it is so sad to see them go. Cache we will miss you!


The final images from Bambi Cantrell and the backstage video from cinematographer Colin Pattison will soon follow! The shoot was very inspirational and I cannot wait to see the final product. Comments are welcome and appreciated. Thank you!

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