How I Lost My Virginity During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Hooked On Tanya Taylor

Nautical Knots, Polka Dots and Platforms

By Jeanie Walsh, MFA Fashion Journalism

tanya-taylor-fall-winter-2015-saks Tanya Taylor Image:Saks Fifth Avenue

Subzero windchills and a 20 year low hit New York on February 13, 2015. But these record breaking freezing ass cold temperatures did not stop editors, journalist and fashionistas from attending the Tanya Taylor Show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York. On Friday the 13th when the clock struck noon Tanya Taylor showcased her fall 2015 collection at Industria Superstudio in New York, nestled in Manhattan’s West Village and only a few blocks away from the Meatpacking District

After a great night’s sleep at the chic Belvedere Hotel I woke up excited to attend my first Mercedes-Benz Fashion Show. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and the weather was fierce so my wadrobe choice was to wear a gorgeous Ralph Lauren cutout matte jersey gown paired with black knee high boots. Knowing that I’m already a Klutz and considering that I was a virgin attendee, I certainly  did not want to take a spill in front of everyone while in New York so I tried to plan ahead to avoid certain mishaps and I had rubber soles put on  the bottom of my boots before I left sunny California to head to the stormy east coast.

Belvedere Hotel in New York

After I slipped into my Ralph Lauren Dress and  did lots of layering of course, I headed downstairs to hail a taxi. As I stepped outside my face instantly froze… My ears turned numb and took a half hour for me to feel them again once I was thawed out. The real feel that day was -17 degrees and it was freakin freezing. I officially feel bad for all the east coasters getting slammed with this continuous brutal winter snow.

Upon arriving at Industria Superstudio suddenly the weather no longer mattered. The energy & excitement in the air took over the arctic snap. I was first greeted by a cute and friendly model in a superhero costume who directed all the invitees up a ramp.  I followed the fashionistas & editors cattle up the ramp where we were segregated into two lines, those with assigned seats and those without.

Center of image: Model-Cobie Smulders, Abbie Cornish- the band Dusk and actress/blogger- Jamie Chung Center of image: Model-Cobie Smulders, Abbie Cornish- the band Dusk and actress/blogger- Jamie Chung

I decide to take the wise advice of Stephan Rabimov, founder of RABIMOV Public Relations, Executive Fashion Editor of Dot429 Magazine and Editor in-Chief of DEPESHA, a Russian ex-patriate fashion and arts magazine. Stephan is also the newly appointed Assistant Director of the Fashion Journalism program at Academy Art University – See more here. Advising me to engage in conversation with the experts around me I happened to be next to style expert Michelle Persad, the Fashion Editor for the Huffington Post. She was dressed weather appropriate in her warm wool cream colored hat looking very calm and chic. She was sweet enough to fill me in about what to expect when the show would start. After a good 30 minutes waiting in line and a selfie with Michelle, we were escorted into the studio. The stark white studio had oodles of windows allowing bright natural light to shine in. With no empty seats in the house I stuck close to Michelle, who seemed to have quite some understanding with how this works. We stood up against the wall next to all the professional photographers including Getty Images.

Jeanie Walsh & Michelle Persad Jeanie Walsh & Michelle Persad

All was awesome…I had an incredible view then the music began as the models entered from the back of the studio. At that very moment like a couple of fashion bats out of hell, two fashionistas sprung in front of me completely blocking my view. Seriously… in my Ralph Lauren dress and all I dropped to me knees to watch the show and get some good shots.At that very moment like a bat out of hell two fashionistas jump in front of me and now I can’t even see I damn thing, so Ralph Lauren dress and all, I drop to me knees to watch the show and get some good shots. The models began to stroll passed the audience looking fresh faced with hair pulled back and tied with a leather twist in what Tanya refers to as the “Power Pony”.   Allen Thomas Wood, the lead stylist from Bumble and Bumble created the looks. Nails were painted black or dark blue.

wpid-wp-1426223882835.jpeg The “Power Pony”-Tanya Taylor

The Ultra-chic yet feminine silhouettes were lady-like and lively including fit-and-flare, multitoned prints in separates and multi-colored plaid dresses which were tied at the waist with colorful rope in a nautical knot.

5.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x Getty Image by Ron Adar

The collection was inspire by a fishing lure. “There’s something about a hook—it’s a feminine form, but it’s sharp,” said the designer (who doesn’t fish) before the show. “You’re catching something and then you’re giving it its freedom.” Read more at

Silver holographic fish spines were printed on black turtlenecks and skirts making the collection especially unique and eye-catching. Glamorous elbow length gloves with abstracted reef prints accentuated the dresses giving an ultra-feminine vibe to it.

KaleidoscopicEmbroideryImage Saks

The fashion forward designs were packed with plaid, stripes and prints in odd shapes inspired by shiny fishing lures. Orange, white, black and pops of blue shouted through Tanya’s fall 2015 show. Platforms sandals with ankle straps paired nicely with above- the- knee socks and worked well with the entire collection.


The nautical wonder included two very distinct handbags made of thick continuous rope wrapped around in a barrel form.  The contrasting colors and mixed materials worked well with the pieces.

tanya-taylor-fall-winter-2015-saks-at-the-shows-sakspov-8 The New Tanya Taylor Bags -Photos by Timothy Musho

Taylor is on the edge of becoming a major figure in the fashion world. This cheerful collection is exactly what we needed and if you’re hooked like the slew of stars snatching up her latest creations like Beyoncé you will soon find Tanya’s fall 2015 magnificent, wearable and covet-worthy collection available at Saks Fifth Avenue. Taylor’s SS15 Dylan Dress is the designer’s first featured window display currently at Saks in NY.

After the show ended as I exited back down the ramp that sudden chill of the brutal cold came back and of course since it was my first show I had no idea what would happen next. It was a mad dash for a taxi and everyone had to be at other shows quickly…in fact some within minutes of each other. So every time a taxi would stop for me, several fashionistas would jump in and just grab my taxi.  I must have looked pathetic as Ron Adar, Getty images Photographer noticed me struggling and offered to help. Forty minutes later freezing our asses off and still no luck with a taxi, Ron informed me that there was a small coffee shop around the corner and said he needed to warm up then check out his images from the Tanya Taylor Show. We sat in the little coffee shop and reviewed the stunning collection. This trip was truly mind-blowing and you never known who or when you will meet someone especially while attending Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.
I’m officially addicted and the Tanya Taylor collection couldn’t have been a better show to pop my cherry for #NYFW. I felt like a little girl as I watched the models wearing the gorgeous feminine and intricate pieces from her 2015 fall collection. Bravo!!!! I’m sold! Tanya Taylor is entirely produced and designed in New York. Her collections are only available in certain locations not over saturating the market creating more exclusivity and the strategic locations are well thought out. It appears the clear business vision Tanya has is definitely on the right track. Bravo!!!! I’m sold! To get venturesome dress in your best Tanya Taylor.

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