Suzy Menkes Modern Move to Digital

Suzy Menkes is now the digital voice for 19 international Vogue websites.

For 26 years Suzy Menkes served as the style editor and chief reviewer of the International New York Times Newspaper. The front row fashion critic that see’s it all and calls it like she sees it is now the digital voice, critic and reporter for the international Vogue websites. Her columns now appear on all global Vogue websites with the exception of American edition. “I am thrilled to become international ‘Vogue’ editor at Conde Nast International, which has a real commitment to journalistic excellence, and to have the opportunity to write for a wider global audience through the ‘Vogue’ websites. “ –Suzy Menkes Read more here at Brainy Quote.

“Suzy Menkes is a unique talent, with superb judgment about fashion and keen insight into the business behind it. She is hugely influential and respected.  Her contribution will bring even greater quality and authority to the Vogue brand,” stated Jonathan Newhouse, chairman and chief executive of Condé Nast International.

Suzy Menkes is one of the most respected, honest, and lively fashion voices of our time. To move along with the modern age she has gone digital although she loves print. She continues writing the way she always has it’s just digitally global.

In 2013, Menkes criticized what she dubbed “the fashion circus” of bloggers and street style ‘celebrities,’ writing “There is something ridiculous about the self-aggrandizement of some online arbiters who go against the mantra that I was taught in my earliest days as a fashion journalist: “It isn’t good because you like it; you like it because it’s good.”

During Menkes interview with she explained that it’s not that she dislikes bloggers it’s just that recognition should be based on the merit of work. Anyone can write but how many are truly experts. The blogging industry has changed the standards for journalism in a more lax way.

Menkes lives by her own mantra, donating any gifts she is sent to the American Hospital in Paris, or returning them with note explaining, “I was brought up to believe a girl should never accept anything but flowers and chocolates.” Menkes goes on to discuss that back in the day journalist never accepted gifts from brands and things have changed so much it’s almost as if companies are buying some of their bloggers with gifts and front row seats to the shows in return for reviews. This will be a passing phase as the excellent writers wean out the okay writers. It’s great that so many people nowadays can express their opinions on fashion but there are far and few expert opinions to be heard out of the millions of bloggers out there.

“It’s obvious that people are looking for something that proves who or what they are. People who are adrift in society, who have no position, give themselves a position by buying a Louis Vuitton bag. They’re a status symbol.”

In addition to her work as a world renowned journalist Suzy Menkes is involved in organizing an annual Condé Nast International conference devoted to the luxury goods industry. Condé Nast International has 19 Vogue Web Sites and with a reputation as a workaholic or she simply writes fast Suzy Menkes has got her work cut out for her.

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