Burberry #1 on Facebook

Burberry’s social media strategies are paying off.

When we think of Burberry we think of luxury, class and their iconic trench coat. The British luxury fashion house has grown to a global success partly credited to Christopher Bailey, who joined the team in 2001 as the brands creative director.

My first and only Burberry piece was purchased during my internship while working at Nordstrom. The wristlet that I own was a limited edition piece designed Christopher Bailey. The gold metallic wristlet has precision cut-out designs with the brands signature plaid and peeping through the diamond shaped cuts is shimmering metallic gold. This piece was priced at a whopping $350 in 2010 but the value still holds tight. Several times I pondered selling the accessory to an upscale consignment store like CoutureUSA, who sells a ton of Burberry pieces for great prices. Each time I considered selling the wristlet I was offered what I paid for it since it is in unused condition. I have held tight and I am glad that I have not sold the wristlet instead I have decided to give it to one of my daughters for prom. Some luxury pieces simply hold their value even after time passes.

Burberry Wristlet from 2010 collection.
Burberry Wristlet from 2010 collection.

Burberry also known as “King of Livestream” according to the Daily Telegraph, is currently the number 1 luxury brand followed on Facebook. Their new Ad Campaign called “My Burberry” paired with their social media strategies is clearly targeting the Millennials and surely they are doing something correct with capturing their audience. This quarter shows sales have risen 8% in the past six months for the London based designer. The increase in revenue is due to shoppers spending more through digital channels such as Facebook where Burberry has made click and collect purchases easier than ever.


Their interactive digitally focused media is just what the Millennials where looking for. The one thing other brands are lacking is a connection with the reader. The Millennials want to feel more involved with the brands they follow and feel that they are actually part of the brand. Apparently Burberry’s marketing team was listening to the consumers’ needs. Burberry’s new Ad Campaign “My Burberry” features Burberry British icon models Kate Moss-Generation X and Cara Delevingne-Generation Y/Millennial. Brilliant marketing steps Burberry has taken in targeting two large target markets filled with social shoppers and fashionistas. The “My Burberry” campaign encourages interaction with the brand by allowing audiences to create personalized monograms for their “My Burberry” bottles and interact with the billboard campaign right from their smart phones. From the launch of the campaign consumers can engage with the fragrance and brand by creating a digital version of My Burberry bottle with their initials to share with friends, families and the whole world through Facebook and Twitter.

Kiera Knightly wearing Burberry topper.
Kiera Knightly wearing Burberry topper.

InStyle’s featured look of the day November 1, 2014 was Kiera Knightly wearing a Burberry topper she wore while attending the birthday party of Photographer Mario Testino, who shot the alluring Burberry Ad Campaign with Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne and over 60 covers for British Vogue.

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