Hell Yeah to Hair Extensions!

The Trends are at Stem Salon!

Stem Hair Salon in Walnut Creek, Ca. is a must visit for anyone looking for a fashionable new hairstyle. “From fashion colors to the natural look of balayage, we will meet every client’s request. Our skilled stylists use products that are not only gentle on the hair but have the capability to repair and restore natural shine and softness, a priority when you step out of our salon”

The salon has a chic vibe to it. The décor is a chic white and black with mini chandeliers at each station. Along the ceiling are exposed stainless steel pipes and beautiful artwork adorns the walls throughout the salon. The innovative hairdryers towards the back of the salon gives a real modern feel to this fabulous salon. The salon has a very upbeat and glamorous feel to it.



My go-to stylist Annie Aieta is the best! My hair cut from Annie is multi-dimensional and to add some thickness to my super fine hair she adds in Great Length Extensions. I am freakin addicted to these extensions and the technique Annie uses to put them in…you literally can’t feel them. By the way ladies you can’t even see them when your hair is wet not to mention how beautiful they make your hair look.


“the best colour in the world is the one that looks good on you”
 – coco chanel –

Stem Salon is located at 1325 Locust Street in Walnut Creek, Ca.  Their prices are mid to high depending on the services but it worth the investment. One of the first things people notice is your hair…..



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