Inspired by Vintage!

Couture USA is the treasure box of vintage fashion!

October 06, 2014

For quite a few years now I have sold and purchased both modern and vintage fashion from the consignment shop Couture USA  who sell their luxury brand items through their online resale boutique and via the company’s brick-n-mortar which is located in Tampa, Florida. They sell luxury brand items in slightly used condition to never worn. They have an amazing selection of luxury brand designers to choose from including, ChanelDolce & Gabbana and Gucci to name a few.   I found them while on the prowl for a certain limited edition Marc Jacobs’s purse. The “Rana Pouch Purse” also known as the lucky love frog bag. Read more here at

Image from Bing

While working an internship in handbags with Nordstrom’s, I was introduced to a limited edition Marc Jacobs Purse that I just had to have. Marc Jacobs’s visual merchandiser visited the store that I worked at and showed us a video of the 2009 spring runway collection. She also brought the merchandise and passed it around for us to feel and examine while she described the production function and features.

I made my purchase from eBay only to find out when it arrived that the product was a fake. How did I know this? The only reason I could tell it was not real was because of the product knowledge that was shared with us by the visual merchandiser from Marc Jacobs. I was well aware that the purse only came in black and three neon colors and it was from the 2009 spring Marc Jacobs’s runway collection. The bag is made of Kangaroo (the only animal skin that would saturate with the intensely bright colors) which I know some people would hate me for owning. When my eBay delivery arrived I quickly became disappointed as soon as I took the purse out of the package to find it was not the neon pink.  The color of the bag sent to me was a magenta pink not neon pink…I sent proof of this to eBay and received a full refund.

In search once again for this “Lucky Love Frog” bag I eventually stumbled across Couture USA. They had one neon pink “Rana Pouch Purse” and it had to be mine and still to this day I am in love with my unique “Lucky Love Frog”. Although this particular bag was just a limited edition and not vintage, this purchase along with their amazing customer service has lead me to continue shopping with Couture USA. Eventually I did purchase a Vintage Fendi which was featured in one of my styling shoots for the Academy of Art University.

Photographer- Eduardo D Figueroa

Model-Rachel Earl

Make-up Artist- Ashley Bias


My collection grows yearly when I find vintage and retro luxury brand treasures from Couture USA. 

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