Here’s the Skinny

GC180XT & Ultimate Flush Update!
I received my trial bottles two weeks ago and decided to try the Ultimate Flush first. It didn’t make sense to try both at the same time because I wouldn’t be able to differentiate the results between the two products and give a fair update if the products were working. With that said I have used only 1 capsule a night of the Ultimate Flush for two weeks now.
The first day I used the product I had the most severe cramping…literally painful. It was like taking an overdose of Correctol. I decided to continue and after that there were no problems. Perhaps my body needed to get used to the different extracts and herbs in the ingredients. I continued with the flush for two weeks now. I wish there was a magic pill that we could simply take and look fabulous but this is the real world so I also started with a small workout routine that included 25 minutes on the treadmill and 100 sit-ups plus squats and lunges. I want to be fully committed to a change in my body.
I have lost most of my water gain and like the product says it helps give you a flat tummy. I feel great and I haven’t even started with the GC180XT…I start that tonight. I will post another update of my experience taking GC180XT in 2 more weeks!
Results- with the flush my stomach is definitely flatter and I have lost about 5 pounds. After starting the Ultimate Flush I noticed my appetite was suppressed quite a bit. Coincidence…Not sure, but I feel great and look much healthier!

Today 9/29/14
Today 9/29/14
Two weeks ago
Two weeks ago

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