GC180XT & Ultimate Cleanse are they the real deal or a scam?

footer-yyessUltimateFlush_820xMy trials of both the GC180XT  and the Ultimate Cleanse arrived today. I wanted to put it to the test myself and  see if this new weight loss extract if the real thing or a scam.
After being put on a certain medicine I put on 25 pounds and for me that was a lot. I really care about the way I look as a blogger and am frustrated with the extra weight. I am finally off the meds that caused the weight gain but can’t seem to shed the pounds off like I used to. Reality check…my age is catching up with me. As of tomorrow I will start both the GC 180XT and the cleanse and begin my workout routine. I will post an  update of  my results in about 2 weeks.

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